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Hidden dangers of building a fence

Now is the time to bring out the garden gadgets and spruce up the garden, prop or rebuild the fence.

Rebuilding the fence may appear to be a simple task but what may be unknown to a homeowner is the complexities of buried utilities/infrastructure under their property.

There is an assortment of gas, water, recyclable water, telecommunications and sewer networks buried deep underground.

Damaging these networks can cause considerable disruption to not only the homeowner, but neighbouring properties and local businesses.

Pipes and cables can be tricky to work around as they are often shallow and unpredictable.

They are often privately installed on residential properties and asset owners often do not know exactly where they are laid onsite.

So, what can a homeowner do to lessen the risk of hitting these essential pipes and cables while still erecting their fence safely:

– Lodge a free Dial Before You Dig enquiry – this can be done anytime online (www.1100.com.au)

– Receive plans directly from registered utility/asset owners with the Dial Before You Dig service

– It is important to note that the plans from utility owners are indicative only and therefore, may not pinpoint the exact location of buried pipes and cables

– Plans will usually show where the pipes and cables enter the property

– Plans from the utility members will also show any mains and cables on the property. Many major networks on private property do not have an easement

– Homeowners should take the time to look around their property for evidence of where pipes and cable may be located such as a downpipe running down a wall into the ground, a water or gas meter, or the top of a septic tank

All the these clues can allow a homeowner to piece together where the pipes or cables may be located and ensure buried infrastructure assets are protected from any damage before digging a hole to build a fence.

Dial Before You Dig Members are happy to assist homeowners or in fact anyone who is intending to break ground in reading their plans. The contact details for asset owners are provided on the plans as well as the Enquiry Confirmation Sheet that is received after lodging a Dial Before You Dig enquiry.

Assistance is also available from certified professional cable and pipe locators. Hiring a locator will cost you money, but it may save you much more in time and cost.

So, if a homeowner intends to rebuild their fence, ensure the correct procedures are followed and Duty of Care exercised.

Visit Dial Before You Dig online to find out more: 1100.com.au

This article was first published in The Fence magazine.

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