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History of a unique service for the fencing industry

Association of Australian Dial Before You Dig Services 20 Year History, an interesting story.

In 1984, there was a major incident in Bibra Lake, Western Australia where a bulldozer punctured a high-pressure gas pipeline. This caused significant damage to the bulldozer, ripper, rail tracks, high tension electric towers, the gas pipeline and other infrastructures nearby. Fortunately, the bulldozer operator survived without injury.

It was a result of this incident that Dial Before You Dig WA Foundation Members (Telstra, SECWA (now ATCO Gas Australia and Western Power) and Water Corporation) created what was then known as the Perth One Call System.

Perth One Call became operational on the 16th February 1987 and by the 1990’s, all States and Territories began operation to what is now known as Dial Before You Dig.

In 1999, the Association of Australian Dial Before You Dig Services (AADBYDS) was formed to provide a consistent national approach to the provision of the Dial Before You Dig service, a Not-For-Profit group of State Entities consisting of Member organisations from Australia’s infrastructure asset owners and non-asset owners.

Unique Service of Dial Before You Dig

Dial Before You Dig in Australia is unique when compared to other countries in that together with most of Australia’s utility asset owners, we deliver a national (one stop shop) enquiry service to anyone looking to break ground.

The Dial Before You Dig service is a free service to use and therefore obtaining information from Dial Before You Dig Members about the indicative location of buried pipes and cables can minimise the risk of damaging buried infrastructure and avoid incidents such as Bibra Lake.

As Member plans are indicative it is important for anyone within the fencing industry to exercise their Duty of Care to minimise the potential for asset damage. Over time, ground contours change and therefore the depth of cover to an underground asset at the time of installation may differ to the actual depth at the time of your activity.

Dial Before You Dig Today

Today, Dial Before You Dig is an Australian wide service that assists in damage prevention to underground infrastructure covering more than 740,000 kilometres and valued at more than $340 billion.

Dial Before You Dig is also exploring ways to better inform and educate the industry and wider community about the importance of the service.

This includes working with reputable universities and institutions around Australia to conduct research on Dial Before You Dig’s behalf; with the aim of becoming a centre of excellence through innovation and thought leadership.

One of Australia’s Trusted Brands

Independent market research concludes that Dial Before You Dig is a trusted brand; more than 50% of Australians know that they need to use the service before breaking ground.

This brand awareness and loyalty has seen the national enquiry service grow on average 20% year on year; with more than 1.9 million enquiries in 2017/18, resulting in over 10.5 million referrals for asset location information.

Safety is a fundamental aspect of any excavation project. Dial Before You Dig encourages all involved with the fencing industry to be aware of their surroundings.

Recognise any digging or penetrating of the ground has the potential to impact underground services like electrical cables and plumbing, regardless of the type or depth of activity.

Damaging buried assets is not worth the risk. Know what’s below. Dial Before You Dig should always be the first point of contact: The Essential First Step.

For More Information visit the Dial Before You Dig website: 1100.com.au

This article was first published in The Fence magazine.

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