Paramount Petrol Generator 3

Generator recall – check yours today

Paramount Browns (Machinery) Pty Ltd — Paramount Petrol and Diesel 240 Volt Generators

Product description

  • Portable 240 volt isolated type generators, petrol and diesel powered
  • Petrol Generator 3.2KVA
  • Petrol Generator 3.5KVA
  • Petrol Generator 6.5KVA
  • Petrol Generator 8.5KVA
  • Petrol Generator 9.5KVA
  • Diesel Generator 7.7KVA

Identifying features:

PEG3250, PEG3500P, PEG6000EBS, PEG7700EBP, PEG8000EBS, DEG7000EBP

What are the defects?

Incorrect wiring may be installed within the generator alternator.

What are the hazards?

Risk of electric shock.

What should consumers do?

Consumers should immediately cease using the product and contact Paramount Browns to arrange for the product to be repaired.

For more information, consumers can contact Paramount Browns on 08 8260 6298, or via email

Supplier: Paramount Browns (Machinery) Pty Ltd

Traders who sold this product: Paramount Browns (Machinery) Pty Ltd

Where the product was sold: South Australia

Dates available for sale: 1 November 2017 – 15 August 2019

Responsible regulator

Office of the technical regulator (SA) is the responsible regulator for this recall.

Source: ACCC

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