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Powerful gate closer anything but a wallflower

Locinox completes its range of hydraulic gate closers with a version to be mounted in a 90° position on a wall.

“Security is currently one of the biggest issues all over the world,” states Lieven Pieters, Sales & Marketing Director of Locinox.”

locinox 2 the fence may 2019

“The first step to a successful security strategy must be realized in the immediate perimeter of a building.

“A combination of access control with quality fences and gates will do the trick. But the biggest win can be achieved when providing self-closing gate closers to close gates automatically.”

“Indeed, in reality we still see too many gates fitted with access control but without a gate closer.

“Let’s be honest – how many times does someone forget to close the gate, allowing unauthorised people to enter the premises. This happens more than you think. A self-closing gate closer will do the trick.

“Still, there was one situation where we didn’t have a good Locinox solution: when a gate is installed between two stone pillars or walls.

“This is why we developed a specific gate closer with an arm that guarantees a full opening of the gate even when the closer is fitted in a 90° position on the wall.

“Enter the Verticlose-2 Wall.

“This aesthetic gate closer with adjustable speed and final snap is firmly fixed thanks to the unique Quick-Fix fixation system.”

This article was first published in The Fence magazine.

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