Rashad Samman talks to The Fence

RASHAD SAMMAN, the owner of Richy’s Fencing in Sydney, talks with THE FENCE magazine about his fencing business.

How did you get into the fencing industry?

Through my cousin. He’s a fencer. At the time I had no work, so he offered me a job.

I worked with him for about 6 months, before then deciding I knew enough about fencing to get my own licence. That was in 2008.

By 2009 I had started my own business.

What is most rewarding about your job; what makes it all worthwhile?

The finished job.

Feeling proud about seeing the end result and seeing how happy the customer is.

The money is good too, but I also really enjoy the work that I do.

What is the most interesting fencing job you have worked on?

A job that we did this year actually which was for a government company.

We had to install 600 metres of Colorbond fencing.

The interesting part was that we had to first install a new Colorbond fence on top of a 3-metre-high stone wall, then install Colorbond fencing in front of the stone wall.

We had to use harnesses which I haven’t really had to do before. It was a 10-day job with four of us working on it.

What is the one tool or product that you couldn’t do without in your work?

My Stanley Fatmax tape measurer!

You can’t build a fence without knowing the measurements.

And my shovels to dig the post holes for the fences too.

Where do you see the fencing industry heading?

A lot of fences are getting replaced with Colorbond fencing.

So, I can see Colorbond fencing taking over any residential timber fence in place pretty quickly in the years to come.

Pool fencing is also the next most in demand. As there are constant rules and regulations getting brought out for pools, those are the fences that are also needing to get done a lot.

What are the new ideas you are bringing to fencing?

I like to brainstorm amongst my workers. I sometimes get them to go out and work with other fencers to see their techniques, and then compare it against ours and see what works best.

I find that our ways of building fences have always been the fastest and most efficient way of doing them.

What’s the best thing about FENCiT?

FENCiT is great organisation which helps fencers promote their businesses.

How have attending FENCiT events helped your business?

Meeting people from other fencing businesses and obtaining information for improving work practices.

This story was first published in The Fence magazine.

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