2021 Gallagher Landcare Electric Fencing Grants

2021 Gallagher Landcare Electric Fencing Grants are now open

With the success of the 2019 grants and a continuing commitment to support projects aligned with the priority areas of conservation, grazing management and feral exclusion, Gallagher and Landcare Australia are proud to offer the 2021 Gallagher Landcare Electric Fencing Grants.

Gallagher offers a full range of animal management products and integrated solutions, including a range of permanent and portable electric fencing

A total pool of $100,000 (ex-GST) of support is available for up to 12 groups or individuals to receive a 2021 Gallagher Landcare Electric Fencing Grant. Eligible applicants are invited to apply for an individual electric fencing project grant for up to $8,000 (ex-GST) for fencing materials – with costs to be determined in consultation with your local Gallagher Territory Manager.

Grant submissions close on Friday, 9th April 2021.

The grants provide funding to undertake fencing projects, using Gallagher products, which MUST have:

  • Tangible environmental or sustainable agriculture outcomes;
  • Fencing products and a product list developed together with their local Gallagher Territory Manager; and
  • Provide knowledge-sharing opportunities through field day(s), site visit(s) or demonstration(s).

Eligible grant projects

Grant applications are open for projects that align with one or both of the below priority areas:

1. Grazing management

Electric fencing has revolutionised pasture management techniques meaning better profitability for farmers. Permanent or portable systems are used to subdivide pastures for more effective grazing, keeping the grass fresh, short, high energy and palatable which ultimately leads to increased milk and meat production; and/or

2. Conservation fencing

Installing electric conservation fencing can help exclude threats to valuable native plants and animals, such as: Browsing or trampling by herbivores (such as stock, rabbits or kangaroos); preventing damage from people; or even to keep out introduced pests.

Who can apply?

Ideally, project locations should be within approximately 100km radius from a *Gallagher Territory Manager location to ensure that our team are able to assist during all stages of the project from initial consult through to design and installation.

The Gallagher Landcare Electric Fencing Grants 2021 are open to:

  • Landcare, Coastcare and Junior Landcare groups;
  • Volunteer-based farming systems, community and environment groups; and
  • Individual landholders, farmers, agriculturalists and graziers.

*Gallagher Territory Manager locations: Albury, Leongatha, Dubbo, Mareeba, Perth, Mt Gambier, Warwick, Wallan, Launceston, William Bay, Murwillumbah, Mount Compass, Quirindi, Wagga Wagga and Ballarat. See map


Check to see if your project is within approximately a 100km radius from a Gallagher Territory Manager location. View map

1. Download and read the Grant Guidelines and Criteria and FAQs

2. All applications must be developed in consultation with your local Gallagher Territory Manager. Before you start your application, please call 1800 425 524 and speak with a Gallagher Customer Service Representative (CSR) to find your nearest Territory Manager, to discuss your project eligibility.

3. Login or register and start your grant application on the Landcare Australia Grant Site (this is a new portal).

4. Submit your application by Friday, 9th April (3pm AEST).

After reading the Guidelines and Criteria and determining if your project is within a 10km radius from a Gallagher Territory Manager location, if you have any questions, please call Landcare Australia on 1800 151 105 or email: grants@landcareaustralia.com.au


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