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Avant-Garde Glass, based in Gordon NSW, is dedicated to providing the best quality installations of glass pool fencing and balustrades throughout Sydney.


About us:

Avant-Garde Glass offer premium glass panel fences at competitive prices. The design and outlook of your pool forms a major part of your house’s landscape, and is an extension of your personality. In order to choose products that best suit your need, practicality and taste, Avant-Garde Glass offer a wide range of products that can be catered to individual need, along with the expertise and assistance of helpful and well informed staff.


Avant-Garde Glass have the utmost regard for customer service and will pass on our expertise to help you make a decision that suits your needs.


The term Avant-Grade defines art that pushes the boundaries of innovation and redefines the status quo of what is normal. That is exactly what their company and products offer: leading designs, premium quality and high standards of quality.


Avant-Garde Glass provides buyers with frame-less glass of all sizes and specifications to suit individual pools. Avant-Garde Glass also offer a wide range amongst hardware with a variety of materials and designs offered on our spigots and latches.

Avant-Garde Glass specialise in:

  • Frameless pool fences
  • Frameless glass balustrades
  • Frameless glass shower screens

Avant-Garde Glass caters for the following categories:

  • Frameless Glass Pool Panels
  • Custom Glass Balustrades
  • Glass Shower Screen
  • Glass Enclosures


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