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Finesse Fine Fencing is your one stop for everything farm fencing! Based in Mundaring, WA, they can complete a number of farm fencing jobs and fence repairs.

About us:

Finesse Fine Fencing are based in Mundaring, Western Australia, and specialise in a wide range of farm fencing services. Their team is dedicated to ensuring the best job possible for farm and domestic fencing by using quality fencing products. Finesse Fine Fencing travel within a 250 km radius so if you’re as close as Sawyers Valley or as far as the Brookton area, they are the fencing contractors to contact for your farm fencing needs!

Finesse Fine Fencing specialise in:

  • Domestic fencing
  • Environmental fencing
  • Feral animal fencing
  • Farm fencing
  • Industrial fencing

Finesse Fine Fencing caters for the following categories:

  • Chain mesh fencing
  • Security fencing
  • Welded mesh fencing
  • Timber fencing
  • Steel fencing
  • Aluminium tubular fencing
  • Steel tubular fencing
  • Pre-fabricated fencing
  • Cattle fencing
  • Stock fencing
  • Plastic fencing (PVC)
  • Wire fencing; including netting, barbed, pre-fab, plain and chain-link
  • Shelter sheds for horses

Finesse Fine Fencing provides repairs for:

  • Domestic gates
  • Steel fencing
  • Electric fencing
  • Timber fencing
  • Pool fencing
  • Wire fencing
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