Cattle Fencing Project in Gingin, Western Australia

Cyclone Ringlock Cattle Fencing Project in Gingin, Western Australia, by G.T. Harley Fencing.


Summary of the project

  • The supply and installation of 7 / 90 / 30 Cyclone Ringlock fence netting with barbed wire on the top.
  • 3000 acres of land had to be fenced.
  • Built to stop cattle, emus, kangaroos.

Challenges for the project

  • Sourcing good labourers to help with the work.
  • Challenging timeframe – 4 months’ worth of solid work had to be spaced out over a 2-year period.


The project was completed to the satisfaction of the client. There was total control over the vermin that was previously entering the property, which allowed for cropping and pasture improvements.

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Images of the Cattle fence in Gingin, Western Australia – supplied by G.T. Harley Fencing.

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