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Clik’n’Fit Decorative Fencing and Gate Project in Pimpama, Queensland

Clik’n’Fit Decorative Fencing & Gates Project in Pimpama, Queensland, completed by Superior Screens.


Summary of the project

  • The type of fencing that had to be installed was COLORBOND Clik’n’Fit slat fencing. There was a requirement of having a 25mm gap in between each slat, and to be in the colour Woodland Grey.
  • There were 500 houses that were required to have the COLORBOND Clik’n’Fit fencing installed around their perimeters.
  • The purpose of this fencing project was for boundary and privacy reasons between each of the properties.
  • The overall timeframe of this project was five years.

Challenges for the project

  • The only challenges that we encountered were the tight timelines requested by some of the clients.


All the clients and new home owners were very happy with the product installation, the quality of the work and the overall service.

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Pictured is the COLORBOND Clik’n’Fit Fencing built by Superior Screens, in Pimpama, Queensland.

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