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COLORBOND® steel Gal Post/Rails Woodland Grey Infills project by PH Fencing

COLORBOND® steel Gal Post/Rails Woodland Grey Infills project by PH Fencing in Catleen Crescent, Mudgee NSW 2850.

Challenges involved in the project

The challenges brought to the table for this one were many.

The request to replace the existing old paling fencing was made to us by one party.

To actually replace her fence we had to liaise and prepare quotes for four additional parties including one real estate agent as one property was a rental.

In relation to the actual work once approval was gained from all parties, was negotiation of slopes requiring longer infill sheets, concrete retaining walls on the boundary between two properties, tree branches, tree roots, tree trunks on the actual line of the proper boundaries and not to forget 10 dogs between the 5 properties!

Scheduling in stages, clearing fence lines whilst containing the dogs was part of the days work.

To negotiate along the concrete retaining wall we utilised the old round posts by sleeving them up a new 65 x 65 steel posts, powdercoated by Mudgee Powdercoat.

To reach between posts we went to a 3100mm rail.

To achieve an 1.8m high finish we negotiated the drop from the retaining wall with a raked panel (needing longer sheets). On the back fence, once cleared of the initial debris covering it, was clear the slope also required longer infills to rake the fence and keep the bottom rail 50mm above ground following the slope in order to keep the dogs in.

On the southern fence we had to install sleepers as the garden on the other side was higher than the clients side, thus requiring longer C-posts.

The remaining short section (2 panels) on the northern side was relatively simple!

Products used on the project

Dunn and Farrugia COLORBOND® steel Trimdeck Woodland Grey infill sheets with Gal Posts and rails in various lengths and heights.

The outcome of the project

We got it done! Despite our always busy schedule, and after many hours in conversation and scheduling we finally got to install and it all went very smoothly. Issues that raised their heads (like branches of a neighbours tree that were in the way of the new fence now that it was taller than the old that needed to be removed by an arborist!) along the way were dealt with and everyone got their fences and some peace and quiet!

PH Fencing has been nominated in the Australian FENCING Awards 2020.

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