Durability that Stands the Test of Time – Introducing the Blundstone #322

Since its inception in 1870, Blundstone has prided itself on a spirit of innovation while providing consumers comfort and safety. The market leaders for safety footwear in Australia have launched in November the #322—the first boot of its kind in the brand’s safety range. The #322 has an innovative microfibre upper—a non-leather material that provides optimum durability and water-resistance without compromising on style.

The microfibre upper means the boot is not susceptible to the general wear-and-tear associated with uppers made from leather, which is a natural fibre. The #322’s high quality, anti-bacterial lining makes it the ideal uniform boot option for those workers who spend long days on their feet such as builders and tradespeople, security guards, emergency services, warehouse and fast-food retail staff.

The launch coincides with the lead up to the Christmas and New Year period, and is the perfect gift for those who need an entry-level work boot at an affordable price that’s packed with safety, comfort and durability features.

“Blundstone has a long and proud history of delivering on the specific needs of our consumers. The #322 is the first of its kind for our range—a microfibre option that offers premium durability alongside our famed safety and comfort features. This is a uniform boot that will stand the test of time,” says Adrian Blandford, Global Work & Safety Range Manager.

Blundstone #322 (RRP $149). Features include;

  • Black micofibre upper, offering outstanding durability and easy maintenance
  • Zip side safety boot—140mm height
  • High quality, anti-bacterial lining for long days on your feet
  • TPU outsole resistant to 140°C
  • Slip, oil, acid and organic fat resistant
  • Electrical hazard resistant
  • SPX Max – XRD® Technology in the heel strike zone for increased impact protection and comfort
  • Steel toe cap and TPU toe guard on the upper for added durability
  • Full heel breast with arch support for ladder and gantry safety

Blundstone boots are available online and in stores via select retailers throughout Australia, and are backed by a 30-day comfort and six-month manufacturing guarantee.

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