FENCING Awards 2021 nomination – Mortimer Street COLORBOND® steel Fencing Project

Mortimer Street COLORBOND® steel Fencing Project by PH Fencing in Mudgee, NSW.

PH Fencing gave Australian Fencing Awards some key information on their Mortimer Street COLORBOND® steel Fencing Project.

Challenges involved in the project

  • The greatest challenge was providing a stable 2.1m fence as a privacy fence on a decent slope.
  • Due to the height and the slope, we had no choice but to step the fence.
  • The fence had to be built on the inside of a brick wall. The were also two other sections of fence, requiring different heights and material.
  • Privacy was of great concern and we had to schedule the build into an already busy period.
  • Access was tricky, as was staging the sections around other works in progress.

Products used on the project

  • We used COLORBOND REFLECT 2100mm in Monument with 75 x 75mm powdercoated steel posts in between panels to stabilise.
  • On the opposing side of the yard, we utilised COLORBOND Alleysleepers in Monument also under 1.8m panels of the same COLORBOND fence to increase the height.

Outcome of the project

  • The fence was installed and to date there have been no issues with privacy or wind issues.
  • The steel posts installed between panels were concreted in ground 1100mm, and stepped every two to three panels.
  • The Alleysleepers installed on the opposing side looked fantastic.
  • The client was happy and continued on with the renovations.

This project by PH Fencing has been nominated in the Australian FENCING Awards 2021.

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