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Horse fencing by Finesse Fine Fencing WA

Check out the horse fencing project from Finesse Fine Fencing in Western Australia utilising products from Horse Rail Australia.

Overview of the project:

To create new, safe horse paddocks for the client’s horses and also their agistment customers.

Challenges involved:

No timber to be used, so the horses could not chew the fencing.

The old fencing could only be removed and replaced in stages as the property had to continue to function, so stock could be shifted around.

Soil types – gravel through to rock and clay, in the lower lying areas to the northeast, which became too wet to fence towards the end of the project.

Products utilised:

Stage 1 was about 1500 metres of double hot top plus horse rail, with an hot cote earth wire between, on black (hollow) plastic posts = 4m spacings.

Box ends were designed and the fittings made (in house).

The black posts are not strong enough to use as strainers, without the addition of a galv pipe sleeve through them.

All the horse fencing materials were from Horse Rail Australia.

Outcome of project for the customer:

The customer was so happy, stage 2 of 1500 metres has also been completed.

We are currently quoting stage 3.

This article was first published in The Fence magazine.

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