Mitsubishi Motors Eclipse Cross Plug-in Hybrid EV offers electrifying style with all-wheel drive capability

Mitsubishi Motors has added three new Eclipse Cross Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle variants to the top of the Eclipse Cross range. The new vehicles offer a premium plug-in EV-drivetrain, more power and more torque for Australian drivers.

The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Plug-in Hybrid has arrived in Australia and will give the nameplate an increased foothold in the hot-selling medium SUV market. Ideal for urban couples or families, the Eclipse Cross PHEV with all-wheel drive and a plug-in hybrid EV powertrain is able to travel more than 55km on a single battery charge, enabling the average driver to use EV Mode for the majority of their weekly drive.

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation has committed to a low-emissions future by putting our EV technologies into broader use. This year, Mitsubishi Motors has announced that by 2030 there will be an EV, PHEV or hybrid electric variant for each segment in which it operates, and it will raise the proportion of electrified vehicles in its total sales to 50% by this time.

“The arrival of the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Plug-in Hybrid EV completes the renewal of the Eclipse Cross SUV range in Australia. It brings a proven and successful zero or low emission powertrain that will meet the real world needs of Australian SUV buyers looking to reduce their environmental impact,” said Shaun Westcott, CEO of Mitsubishi Motors Australia Ltd.

“The Eclipse Cross has been successful in attracting customers to the Mitsubishi brand over the past four years. With the new look, enhanced technological specifications and the new Plug-in Hybrid option, we have a vehicle that will be even more appealing to urban couples or families who want a car that fulfils a number of diverse needs.”

The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Plug-In Hybrid EV goes on sale across Australia from mid-August 2021. It is one of the most attainable plug-in hybrid vehicles in Australia, starting at $46,490.

Source: Mitsubishi

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