Vermin Fencing Project in Coorow, Western Australia

Stocklock Longlife Blue Waratah Vermin Fencing Project in Coorow, Western Australia, by G.T. Harley Fencing.



  • The supply and installation of 10/110/15 Stocklock Longlife Blue Waratah Netting.
  • 10,000 acres of reserve / bush had to be fenced.
  • Built to help block out all sorts of vermin / pests; such as feral cattle, sheep, dingos, kangaroos, emus, pigs etc.


  • Dealing with the challenging terrain; such as sand, bush, clay and rock throughout the entire area required to fence.
  • The timeframe. The project took about 12 months to complete (4 months’ worth of work).
  • Massive vermin pressure – Pests and vermin constantly getting in the way of the work;
    • For example, there would be mobs of 70 to 80 emus coming out of nowhere all at once and try to run through / past us.


The outcome was amazing. The difference it made to the amount of vermin there was on the property, from before the fence was there, to after – was substantial.

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Images of the Vermin Fencing Project in Coorow, Western Australia – supplied by G.T. Harley Fencing.

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