VLX-635T Laser theodolite

VLX-635T Laser theodolite

Introducing the VLX-635T : Laser theodolite for long range fencing alignment and levelling.

Complete system

The VLX-635 laser theodolite is a standard high precision theodolite with an integrated laser head that is aligned to the optical axis of the theodolite in both forward and reverse directions.

The laser rotates, generating effectively a vertical plane. The laser can be detected up to 500+ metres from the theodolite, providing up to 1km of fencing alignment.

The facilities of the precision theodolite provide angle setting, long range aiming, levelling and site layout.

Applied Resolution Technologies has been supplying the VLX-635 laser theodolite for many years, for long range fencing and vineyard alignment.

Because our users have requested levelling options, we have recently been developing a system that has an in-telescope laser as well, that provides for long range alignment/level functions.

The in-telescope laser is modulated so that it is detectable using the handheld laser receiver supplied with the product.

It can be provided with only the in-telescope laser, or also with the rotating laser alignment system as in the standard VLX-635.

Visit the website for more information: appliedresolution.com.au

This article was first published in The Fence magazine.

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