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Young job-ready fencing workers to sustain the industry

Businesses in the fencing industry struggle with the same issues as building and construction when it comes to encouraging young people to work in the sector.

THE FENCE magazine spoke with Paul Breen from Productivity Bootcamp in Sydney about how their training is getting young people work-ready.

Productivity Bootcamp is an intensive program that provides hands-on training to arm young people with the skills and work ethic required to be productive employees.

“Young people today learn more from visual learning and actually doing things with their hands, practical training, instead of being in a classroom and doing theory,” says Paul.

“We have set up a range of different industry sectors on-site from bricklaying, carpentry, electrical and fencing.

“Every young person needs to understand that the first six months of their working life is going to be labour. No matter what industry you get into, it’s going to be labour,” continues Paul.

“We remove any illusions and really prep these young people to the real world of the first six months of any traineeship. This includes the skill of getting to work in the morning, on time.

“They understand that they are not going to be fencing on their first day on the job, that they are there to serve the tradesman and that it’s key to learn respect and be able to communicate with that person.

“There are skills that are involved, labouring skills, such as using a wheelbarrow, using a shovel, climbing on scaffolding, using ladders, the practical skills that these young people need, so when they do go on, they have those practical skills no matter what industry they get into.

“They’re going to know how to avoid injury, to look good, they’ll be able to communicate properly, show up on time and be good workers.

“They will have the skills that they need to impress employers and experience, which gives employers confidence.

“With them already knowing these skills it frees up the employer to be able to spend their time on teaching them the finer skills.

With the Bootcamp the young people get to try out various industries and then seek advice on the particular area that interests them.

“The last two weeks of the course, we start having the conversation about what they want to get into and then that is what we prep them for, says Paul.

“If someone says they want to get into fencing, the last two weeks of the course will be tailored towards fencing.

“We would like to work with FENCiT to set up a range of fencing stations – farm, pool, security, Colorbond etc so that these young people can learn how to install the individual fencing types and products correctly,” concludes Paul.

FENCiT is working with fencing product manufacturers, suppliers, contractors, industry professionals, mentors and technical experts to set up quality fencing stations to help train these future young fencers to sustain the industry.

If you are interested in getting involved with this FENCiT project, feel free to get in touch with Steve on 0429 665 302.

This article was first published in The Fence magazine.

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